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 Olivit Mediterranean Grill was established in July 2010 in Klien Shopping Center of the Champions Forest of Spring, Tx, 25 miles north of Houston. It is owned and operated by experienced family whose members’ passion for cooking, brings to the table plates that delight the connoisseur’s palate

The Mid-Eastern food which Olivit serves, in a casual setting, incorporates the native ingredients of the Mediterranean cuisine. It is primarily composed of healthy fruits, vegetables, grains, beans, aromatic herbs, olives and olive oil. Most of these natural and basic ingredients are high in heart-friendly properties such as flavanoids and antioxidants. On top of the health and nutritious attributes, the Mediterranean cuisine is characterized by the emphasis it places on enjoying and savoring foods rather than of consuming them in an almost robotic-like fashion.


The Lunch and Dinner Menu feature specialty dishes of grilled Halal meats, seasoned fresh veggies casseroles and Pizza, a wide array of favorite salads and traditional appetizers,  hot sandwiches and wraps, including its famous gyros, a selection of desserts that include Baklawa and Rice Pudding , and fresh juices and smoothies. The Kids Menu includes children’s favorites such as Hamburgers, Chicken Nuggets, Hot Dogs, and Cheese Sticks.

Olivit Grill can help you with the cooking. Olivit’s Party Trays turn any event into a feast. They feed quickly and easily small to large groups. Why not let Olivit Mediterranean Grill provide memorable excitement for your next home, business  or school event!


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